Human Vitality

We think that it is important that our employees feel fit, enjoying themselves and most importantly: being happy. And we love to help with that! That’s why we started to offer since April 2019 sportlessons for our employees. In collaboration with a qualified club of motivated sport teachers we provide weekly Bootcamp and Pilates lessons. They are experienced in providing vitality and sports programs on location that are accessible for everyone.

We also taken care of the daily vitamins!

Together with the sport lessons we raise the vitamin levels by providing fresh fruit. The company ‘Fruit op je werk’ supply fresh fruit for our employees on a weekly basis. The great thing about this collaboration is that we also support the KiKa charity foundation. This way we are all on our way to a healthier and more vital staff at Promese!

Would you like to work in an omnichannel logistics company? Than check our vacansies or contact our HR department!

Magazine Online Retailer

Once in a while we let hear from us, including in the media. For the November Issue of the OnlineRetailer Magazine Nederland we have written an editorial.

Because, what makes Promese Logistics the omnichannel fulfilment company of Holland? And why are we unique in the logistics branch? Those are some nice questions to go into!

In this article we let you show our growth, from a European product distribution channel established nearly 35 years ago, to an E-fulfilment specialized fulfilment provider in both business to business and business to consumer market segment.

Progressive in IT

This was for us a beautiful step with progressive customized IT solutions, because “Logistics is IT”.

Not only do we take care of the logistics part, but we also can provide different types of e-services for them. This way, our client can fully focus on their product development, sales and branding. We see that there is increasing interest in our growing photo studio and webshop department.

Further growth and optimization in 2020

When we moved in 2017 from Breda to our warehouse in Flight Forum Eindhoven we quickly expanded our floor space with 7.000m2. The next floor expansion of 6.000m2 is also been planned, this to guarantee a further growth in 2020. The necessary mechanization in our packaging area is also planned, picking processes are examined, we had tests with RFID and cardboard shredders.

Our focus is not on become the largest within 1 segment, but to be the most progressive and therefor most professional company for those clients who know what they are going for and how they want to go for it. We taking care of the entire omnichannel logistics for a brand or retail chain  from 1 stock.

Black Friday

Our customers also participate with Black Friday promotions, but what does this mean for a logistic company? A very tight schedule and good organization in the workplace!

In advance, we coordinate with our client how many orders they roughly expect  during this weekend. We use this forecast to get started with the planning and all workplaces are being further optimized.

These days mean a multitude of orders compared to what they do on average per day. In some cases they even have 50 times (!) as many orders as normal. Imagine that you first have 2 employees working for a client and then suddenly 50 times more orders arrive. Does this mean deploying an extra 50 times employees? No, that would be impossible 😉 We overcome this through software innovations, mechanization and of course certainly with a number of extra employees.

We create extra check-out tables where we can pack the orders of each client individual (every client has its own packing material and boxes). And we developed smart pick trolleys with new software, that makes the picking process more efficient, therefor we can pick more orders per hour. Next to that we turn on our sorting machine 24 hours a day.

Black Friday weekend

The Dutch carriers

All the Dutch transporters are also very busy during Black Friday. To let our process flow go smooth we prepare transport carts and put them in specific transport lanes. This way, all shipping bags and packages can be picked up very conveniently by the carries from their own transport lane.

But without our amazing employees we would be nowhere. Everybody helps, even the office employees will help a hand in our warehouse to rock for our clients. With good music, tight and good preparations, motivated people and a delicious lunch we are making a success of Black Friday weekend.

Because even during such spectacular days, our clients can expect us to deliver on what they are promised.

Dutch children’s brand in our warehouse

Recently we added a beautiful Dutch Children’s brand to our omnichannel process. A super fun client, like all our clients, with various products such as: clothing, wallpaper, bedding, children’s (room) accessories and much more.

What are we going to do for this client?

We will unburden our client completely by taking care of the business to business and business to consumer logistic process. We will do this National and international for them. We’re not only welcome them to our logistic process but also in our professional photo studio. Here we will deliver high-quality product photography which have the styling and identity of the brand.

Our account coordinators are ready to lead this in the right direction. We hope for a beautiful and long-term cooperation with this Dutch children’s brand.

Sorter machine

In early 2017, we had our new sorter machine installed in our warehouse.

The machine runs on our own proprietary software and helps us quickly process all incoming orders.

The sorter allows us to add all products, for example adding a hundred orders to a single picklist.

The machine consists of a large number of bins that move around. One product is placed in each bin. The sorter then reads the product’s barcode and immediately identifies the order it belongs to. This enables us to significantly optimise the efficiency of our picking routes, while the sorter machine ensures all products end up in the right shipping box. On top of that, it gives our daily capacity an enormous boost.

The sorting process goes as follows:

  1. Pickers run efficient routes and pick several orders at once
  2. The collected products are (randomly) placed in the sorter machine’s bins
  3. The sorter allocates one order to each of its exit points and ensures each product is sent to the correct exit
  4. The order is ready to be transported to the packing department on a conveyor belt
  5. In the packing department, the box is scanned, and a packing slip and shipping label are automatically printed out.


Omnichannel services for new fashion clients

In late 2018, we welcomed a number of new clients in our warehouse. These are all Dutch fashion and lifestyle brands that have become big players on the international fashion scene.


We will be providing full omnichannel services for these new clients, i.e. their webshops, deliveries to their own stores and deliveries to other stores that sell their brands. The interfaces between their systems and ours have been established, and the process is even more streamlined than before. All retail and wholesale deliveries will come from one and the same inventory.


We are excited to embark on this new adventure and take our clients’ logistics processes to the next level!

Promese featured in the RTL Z show How It’s Done

Recently, the crew of the TV show How It’s Done visited us to shoot some footage for their episode about transport and logistics. This is an informative show that gives viewers a look behind the scenes regarding entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Smart omnichannel logistics

– written by Frank Gielen in online Retailer

In years to come, the number of shipments and, consequently, the number of logistics movements will continue to increase. There is enormous demand for e-commerce logistics services. According to Michael Cremers of Promese Logistics, many providers offer these services, although only a select number can do so in an optimally efficient manner. Therein lies the rub. Promese stands out as an omnichannel fulfilment organisation that operates on both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) markets – all from a single warehouse and with one comprehensive logistics system that was developed in house and which has garnered a lot of attention from interested outsiders.


Promese was founded nearly thirty-five years ago as a European distribution channel for the distribution of CDs, videos and games from companies such as Warner Home and Universal Pictures. “As a result of developments in that sector, we decided to expand our scope around seven years ago,” says Cremers. “We were able to apply the knowledge and experience we acquired during those years in various new market segments with great success. For example, we have been offering full-service solutions with regard to e-fulfilment, wholesale, retail and omnichannel for many years. We specialise in both B2B and B2C fulfilment. This makes us fairly unique. We are strong believers in the combination of physical and online stores and work on the distribution of fashion, home entertainment, sport, shoes, and leisure & outdoor products every single day. Recently, we added the healthcare and pet supplies sectors to our range.”


According to Cremers, while Promese may not be the largest party in the aforementioned sectors, it is the most innovative when it comes to IT. “That translates into an iOS-based logistics system (Probis) and an OMS_CMS (Quint) that our clients can interface with and which can also enrich their webshop with a range of additional functionalities. Our solution allows our clients to offer their own customers the highest possible quality of service. The iOS system is also an essential part of our warehouse. Made by our in-house developers, it’s an extremely user-friendly and intuitive system. They actually had their own children test it. It truly is child’s play,” Cremers laughs. “We’ve built a rock-solid foundation, which has not gone unnoticed by our ‘colleagues’, and we’re often asked to make our software available to other parties. We’re not ready to do that just yet, but who knows what the future holds?”


IT forms the heart of Promese: “Logistics is IT.” Brands can also add their products to the virtual shelves of digital warehouses such as Amazon, eBay and Zalando via Promese. Cremers: “The necessary IT interface for these channels often requires a major investment. On top of that, everyone uses their own system. Our IT specialists have already set up the interface, so all our clients have to do is finetune it before reaping the rewards of new earning models at a fraction of the cost. We take care of all logistics matters and any additional e-services (e.g. customer service, product photography, online marketing, etcetera), so clients can focus all their attention on product development, sales and branding. The various kinds of data we collect are exceptionally valuable to our clients. We present this information in the form of clear reports (on resale figures, returns analyses, etcetera), which they can use to optimise their business operations. That’s one of the major themes we will be focusing on in the next few years.” Promese used to have locations in both Eindhoven and Breda, but the company recently relocated all operations to its new warehouse at the Flight Forum near Eindhoven Airport.


“We have a surface area of 22,500 m2 available to us and we are already planning an expansion to 30,000 m2,” Cremers reveals. “Our focus is not on becoming the largest party in any one sector; instead, we want to be the most innovative and therefore a professional (and potentially major) party that operates across the entire market. What sets us apart is the fact that we specialise in both the B2B and B2C streams and can process these concurrently. This allows us to provide full-range omnichannel logistics services for brands or retail chains, all from one inventory if need be.”

Promese in Schoenvisie

Last month, Promese was featured in Schoenvisie, the shoe industry journal, with a story about its omnichannel services.

Full-service logistics concept for the shoe industry

Promese, a Brabant-based company, has been active in the fashion and shoe sector for five years now. A growing number of (international) businesses use its full-range services: wholesale, retail and e-fulfilment, all under one roof.

Five years ago, Promese reinvented itself by entering the fashion and shoe sector as a then-unknown logistics service provider. It was a logical step, says CFO Michael Cremers as we sit at the large wooden kitchen table in Breda, where the company also receives its clients. “We come from the home entertainment sector which, like the fashion and shoe industry, is under a lot of pressure. It taught us just how much we can offer our clients, despite shrinking margins and reduced prices.” What makes Promese so unique is that it offers so-called omnichannel services: wholesale, retail and e-fulfilment all under one roof. This combination adds a lot of value, says CEO Frank Herculeijns. “We believe every step in the logistics chain should add value. This process starts in our clients’ factories in Asia. Next, we handle wholesale, retail and e-fulfilment, which means our clients don’t have to collaborate with three separate parties and only need one central inventory.”

After a five-year growth period – the men are not after a quick fix – they have achieved some wonderful results. Cremers says: “we recently set up a webshop for a famous Dutch fashion chain, and its revenue is increasing rapidly. All the company has to do is store its clothing here – we take care of everything else, such as storage, logistics, product photography, online marketing and webshop management. Our core business is logistics, but we also strive to help our clients from the moment their customers place an order. When our clients grow, we grow, which makes this a win-win situation for both parties.” Earlier this month, it became possible for brands to add their products to the virtual shelves of digital warehouses such as Amazon and Zalando via Promese. Cremers: “When consumers place an order there, it is sent to us. We understand perfectly well that the fashion industry needs reliable earning models.” Herculeijns adds: “we simplify complex marketing challenges and share our success.”


Webwinkel vakdagen

On 21 and 21 January, Promese ran a wonderful 35m2 stand at the Webwinkel Vakdagen, the largest e-commerce event in the Benelux, which recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary.

The event was characterised by a large group of interested businesses who were looking for coordination solutions for their existing or yet-to-be-developed webshop. Promese was one of the few logistics service providers attending this event to operate in both the business-to-business and the business-to-consumer markets. This resulted in a large number of meetings with highly interested potential partners.