Sorter machine

In early 2017, we had our new sorter machine installed in our warehouse.

The machine runs on our own proprietary software and helps us quickly process all incoming orders.

The sorter allows us to add all products, for example adding a hundred orders to a single picklist.

The machine consists of a large number of bins that move around. One product is placed in each bin. The sorter then reads the product’s barcode and immediately identifies the order it belongs to. This enables us to significantly optimise the efficiency of our picking routes, while the sorter machine ensures all products end up in the right shipping box. On top of that, it gives our daily capacity an enormous boost.

The sorting process goes as follows:

  1. Pickers run efficient routes and pick several orders at once
  2. The collected products are (randomly) placed in the sorter machine’s bins
  3. The sorter allocates one order to each of its exit points and ensures each product is sent to the correct exit
  4. The order is ready to be transported to the packing department on a conveyor belt
  5. In the packing department, the box is scanned, and a packing slip and shipping label are automatically printed out.


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