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Once in a while we let hear from us, including in the media. For the November Issue of the OnlineRetailer Magazine Nederland we have written an editorial.

Because, what makes Promese Logistics the omnichannel fulfilment company of Holland? And why are we unique in the logistics branch? Those are some nice questions to go into!

In this article we let you show our growth, from a European product distribution channel established nearly 35 years ago, to an E-fulfilment specialized fulfilment provider in both business to business and business to consumer market segment.

Progressive in IT

This was for us a beautiful step with progressive customized IT solutions, because “Logistics is IT”.

Not only do we take care of the logistics part, but we also can provide different types of e-services for them. This way, our client can fully focus on their product development, sales and branding. We see that there is increasing interest in our growing photo studio and webshop department.

Further growth and optimization in 2020

When we moved in 2017 from Breda to our warehouse in Flight Forum Eindhoven we quickly expanded our floor space with 7.000m2. The next floor expansion of 6.000m2 is also been planned, this to guarantee a further growth in 2020. The necessary mechanization in our packaging area is also planned, picking processes are examined, we had tests with RFID and cardboard shredders.

Our focus is not on become the largest within 1 segment, but to be the most progressive and therefor most professional company for those clients who know what they are going for and how they want to go for it. We taking care of the entire omnichannel logistics for a brand or retail chain  from 1 stock.

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