Promese in Schoenvisie

Last month, Promese was featured in Schoenvisie, the shoe industry journal, with a story about its omnichannel services.

Full-service logistics concept for the shoe industry

Promese, a Brabant-based company, has been active in the fashion and shoe sector for five years now. A growing number of (international) businesses use its full-range services: wholesale, retail and e-fulfilment, all under one roof.

Five years ago, Promese reinvented itself by entering the fashion and shoe sector as a then-unknown logistics service provider. It was a logical step, says CFO Michael Cremers as we sit at the large wooden kitchen table in Breda, where the company also receives its clients. “We come from the home entertainment sector which, like the fashion and shoe industry, is under a lot of pressure. It taught us just how much we can offer our clients, despite shrinking margins and reduced prices.” What makes Promese so unique is that it offers so-called omnichannel services: wholesale, retail and e-fulfilment all under one roof. This combination adds a lot of value, says CEO Frank Herculeijns. “We believe every step in the logistics chain should add value. This process starts in our clients’ factories in Asia. Next, we handle wholesale, retail and e-fulfilment, which means our clients don’t have to collaborate with three separate parties and only need one central inventory.”

After a five-year growth period – the men are not after a quick fix – they have achieved some wonderful results. Cremers says: “we recently set up a webshop for a famous Dutch fashion chain, and its revenue is increasing rapidly. All the company has to do is store its clothing here – we take care of everything else, such as storage, logistics, product photography, online marketing and webshop management. Our core business is logistics, but we also strive to help our clients from the moment their customers place an order. When our clients grow, we grow, which makes this a win-win situation for both parties.” Earlier this month, it became possible for brands to add their products to the virtual shelves of digital warehouses such as Amazon and Zalando via Promese. Cremers: “When consumers place an order there, it is sent to us. We understand perfectly well that the fashion industry needs reliable earning models.” Herculeijns adds: “we simplify complex marketing challenges and share our success.”


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