Sale en Black Friday

Black Friday

Our customers also participate with Black Friday promotions, but what does this mean for a logistic company? A very tight schedule and good organization in the workplace!

In advance, we coordinate with our client how many orders they roughly expect  during this weekend. We use this forecast to get started with the planning and all workplaces are being further optimized.

These days mean a multitude of orders compared to what they do on average per day. In some cases they even have 50 times (!) as many orders as normal. Imagine that you first have 2 employees working for a client and then suddenly 50 times more orders arrive. Does this mean deploying an extra 50 times employees? No, that would be impossible 😉 We overcome this through software innovations, mechanization and of course certainly with a number of extra employees.

We create extra check-out tables where we can pack the orders of each client individual (every client has its own packing material and boxes). And we developed smart pick trolleys with new software, that makes the picking process more efficient, therefor we can pick more orders per hour. Next to that we turn on our sorting machine 24 hours a day.

Black Friday weekend

The Dutch carriers

All the Dutch transporters are also very busy during Black Friday. To let our process flow go smooth we prepare transport carts and put them in specific transport lanes. This way, all shipping bags and packages can be picked up very conveniently by the carries from their own transport lane.

But without our amazing employees we would be nowhere. Everybody helps, even the office employees will help a hand in our warehouse to rock for our clients. With good music, tight and good preparations, motivated people and a delicious lunch we are making a success of Black Friday weekend.

Because even during such spectacular days, our clients can expect us to deliver on what they are promised.

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